Let’s Get Ice Cream – My Five Favourite Ice Cream Shops Berlin
Ricardo Ricardo 15.Jul.2015

Let’s Get Ice Cream – My Five Favourite Ice Cream Shops Berlin

Vanille & Marille

Hagelberger Strasse 1, Kreuzberg
Mehringdamm U-Bahn Station: U6/ U7

Belziger Strasse 24, Schöneberg
Eisenacher Strasse U-Bahn Station: U7

Leydenallee 92, Steglitz
Rathaus Steglitz U-Bahn Station: U9/ S1

Friedrich-Wilhelm-Str. 22, Tempelhof
Kaiserin-Augusta-Strasse U-Bahn Station: U6

A smallish shop tucked away in Kreuzberg, it has a broader and more eclectic selection of ice cream and dairy-free sorbets than usual in a wide range of colours and flavours. There’s something for everyone, from fine Belgian chocolate to Prosecco mint sorbet and lemon cinnamon. I highly recommend the summery-orange Marillen sorbet, named after the small chain. Entirely free from artificial additives and made locally in Kreuzberg with fresh ingredients, the creations served up by this Berlin-based ice cream maker are no longer an insider tip. They only use real ice cream ingredients, and you can taste it. It’s clear why Vanille und Marille now has four locations in Berlin and one in Potsdam.

Fräulein Frost

Friedelstrasse 39, Neukölln
Schönleinstrasse U-Bahn Station: U7

Uhlandstrasse 168, Wilmersdorf
Uhlandstrasse U-Bahn Station: U1

Manfred-von-Richthofen-Str. 30, Tempelhof
Platz der Luftbrücke U-Bahn Station: U6 oder U-Paradestrasse: U6

Miss Frost’s cheerful ice cream shop in the hip Reuterkiez in Neukölln is worth a visit on a hot summer day. Crowds of ice cream lovers swarm around the small tables on the pavement, enjoying exotic flavours such as strawberry and basil, GuZiMi (cucumber, lemon and mint) or chocolate and ginger. Although the phenomenal selection changes daily, beloved classics such as vanilla, hazelnut and chocolate are in good supply and definitely worth sampling. Everything here is also totally organic and more delicious than ever without artificial additives. One more reason to stop by every few days and try a yummy new ice cream.

Eiscafé Isabel

Böckhstrasse 1, Kreuzberg
Kottbusser Tor U-Bahn Station: U1/U7 oder Schönleinstrasse U-Bahn Station: U7

The classic Italian ice cream served here is quite good, although it does not pass as the best in Berlin. Nevertheless, Eiscafé Isabel scores points for its unique location. I love walking along the street with an ice cream cone in one of the most beautiful parts of Kreuzberg watching the hustle and bustle of the city dwellers, tourists, buskers and bottle collectors, taking a leisurely stroll through the amazingly beautiful Graefekiez next to it, or just lying in the sun on the banks of the Landwehr Canal enjoying summer in Berlin. In any case, it’s a great place to head to for afternoon walks through wonderful Berlin.

Inka Eis

Belziger Strasse 44, Schöneberg
Eisenacher Strasse U-Bahn Station: U7

Guave, Guánaba, Hierba Luisa, Lulo, Lúcuma: These and many more unusual flavours can be found at the Inka Café in Schöneberg. Unlike the rest of Berlin’s non-descript ice cream landscape, exotic Latin American fruits and flavours underscore their sweet, nutty, fruity concoctions. I tried the staff picks: honey and nut-flavoured Lúcuma ice cream and the tart and fruity Lulo – they were amazing. If you’re in the mood for something other than ice cream, the café also serves Peruvian coffee, cakes and savoury dumplings. A must for Latin America fans and adventurous types!

Eismanufaktur Berlin

Gärtnerstr. 33a, Friedrichshain
Warschauer Strasse S+U-Bahn Station: U12/S5/S7/S75

Auguststrasse 63, Mitte
Rosenthaler Platz U-Bahn Station: U8

Graefestrasse 7 Kreuzberg
Schönleinstrasse U-Bahn Station: U7

Weserstrasse 6, Neukölln
Hermannplatz U-Bahn Station: U7/U8

Karl-Marx-Platz 17, Neukölln-Rixdorf
Karl-Marx-Strasse U-Bahn Station: U7

Eismanufaktur Berlin is a long-standing institution in the capital for innovative ice cream specialities. It also produces its products locally using natural ingredients and without industrial additives, minimising sugar and fat while achieving an excellent consistency and full flavour. Now with four ice cream shops throughout Berlin, the quality speaks for itself, turning a utopian ideal into reality with a broad selection of rich ice creams and fruity sorbets.

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