My Five Favourite Open-Air Cinemas in Berlin
Ricardo Ricardo 04.Aug.2016

My Five Favourite Open-Air Cinemas in Berlin

How about a movie after a long day of discoveries in Berlin? There are plenty of open-air cinemas in Berlin which are very different but have all the same goal: To entertain you! Here are my five favorites.

Franz-Mehring-Platz 1, 10243 Berlin (Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg)
Ostbahnhof S-Bahn station: S5/S7/S75 is still new to the scene, having celebrated its premiere in 2015. It has drinks and snacks, a big screen and a diverse selection of films. Located in a courtyard on Franz-Mehring-Platz, this open-air cinema is different from the others. Instead of listening to the other moviegoers rustling their popcorn bags and slurping their drinks, everyone is given a pair of headphones so that they can really enjoy the experience of watching the film.

The program changes frequently and features high-quality award-winning and up-and-coming films. There is also a good selection of foreign films, usually screened in the original language with subtitles. offers a unique ‘silent cinema’ experience in a charming courtyard atmosphere.

Website and program:


Arte Sommerkino Kulturforum at Potsdamer Platz

Matthäikirchplatz 4/6, 10785 Berlin (Tiergarten)
Potsdamer Platz S+U-Bahn station: S1/S2/S25 und U2

Arte Sommerkino is located right at St.-Matthäus-Kirche within walking distance from venues like the Sony Center, the new National Gallery and the Berliner Philharmonie. For over ten years, apart from a brief excursion to Museum Island, Sommerkino has been hosted by Kulturforum, where it welcomes spectators with 1,000 reclining chairs, an enormous screen and a beautiful skyline in the background.

From Hollywood blockbusters to art-house films, German and foreign films with subtitles, Arte Sommerkino shows last year’s best films, timeless classics and even sneak previews with the filmmakers or actors in attendance. There’s no nicer way to spend a summer evening.

Website and program:


Freiluftkino Hasenheide

Volkspark Hasenheide, 10178 Berlin (Tiergarten)
Hermannplatz U-Bahn station: U7 or U Boddinstraße: U8

The program at Freiluftkino in Volkspark Hasenheide changes daily, featuring art-house and cult films. Situated in the middle of nature among animal enclosures and a mini-golf course, the cinema is arranged like an amphitheatre and is arguably the most beautiful open-air cinema in Berlin.

The audience watches the screen while seated in a kind of theatre, where cult classics are just as entertaining as the best films of the year. Once in a while, there is even a film that was recently shown in the cinemas. But you’d better hurry, otherwise you’ll only get a seat on the steps.

Website and program:


radioeins Freiluftkino Friedrichshain

Volkspark Friedrichshain, Landsberger Allee 15, 10249 Berlin (Neukölln)
U Strausberger Platz: U5 oder S Landsberger Allee: S8/S9/S41/S42/S85

The radioeins Freiluftkino Friedrichshain, located in Volkspark Friedrichshain, is easily accessible from any part of the city. Nearly 2,000 spectators sit on wooden benches in the front rows and on the lawn behind them, like picnickers on their blankets, enjoying both the outdoors and a wide variety of films.

The open-air cinema has daily screenings and features classics from past years, exclusive previews of unreleased films and the latest and greatest blockbusters.

Website and program:


Freiluftkino Rehberge

Volkspark Rehberge, Windhuker Str., 13351 Berlin (Wedding)
Rehberge U-Bahn station: U6 or U Afrikanische Strasse: U6

At the beginning of the 20th century, there were plans to build a zoo in Volkspark Rehberge. Today its only occupants are wild boars, but the park does offer plenty of leisure and entertainment with its sports facilities and open-air cinema. The open-air stage has been there for eighty years and was completely renovated in 2009. Today it seats around 1,500 spectators, who come to enjoy the latest pictures and the most ambitious independent films under a starry sky.

The annual screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is a special event, and the audience is of course welcome to participate. So don’t forget to bring the toast!

Website and program:


Image used with kind permission of Yorck-Kino GmbH

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