My Top 5 Burgers in Berlin
Virgile Virgile 28.Jun.2016

My Top 5 Burgers in Berlin

Berlin is a city full of life, somewhere between scene and culture. As different as the districts are also Berlins burger places. You can find street food trucks as well as restaurants which will cover every taste. My favorite burgers are at the following joints.



Windscheidstraße 26, 10627 Berlin (Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf)
S Charlottenburg: S5/S7/S41/S46/S75 or U Wilmersdorfer Straße: U7

The neighbourhood around Stuttgarter Platz is as colourful as life itself. In one of the side streets you’ll find one of Berlin’s coolest burger places: Windburger. While playing funk and soul music in the background they make classics like Cheeseburgers and Crispy Chicken burgers as well as their own creations like the London Burger (with bacon and eggs) and the Charlottenburger (with vegetables). There are also several different kinds of fries. No wonder this place is so popular!

Windburger offers down-to-earth burgers at reasonable prices. They don’t create artsy burgers but satisfy the hunger of people who like good, simple burgers and enjoy funky beats in a living-room-esque space.


BBI - Berlin Burger International

Pannierstraße 5, 12047 Berlin (Neukölln)
U Hermannplatz: U7/U8

This little place would be easy to miss if it weren’t for all the beer-benches in front of it. Missing out on burgers which could only be described as artworks with names like “El Gordonita” or “Die Patin” (which translated to “The Godmother”) would be such a shame! You can also find Berlin’s tallest Cheeseburger with 190gr of meat, several varieties of salad and different kinds of cheese. Or you can try burgers with ingredients which you will not find in any other burgers in town. Fancy some basil mayonnaise, sweet potato chips or rhubarb compote? This is the place to go. The high level creativity draws not only burger fans but also gourmets.

The taste is incredible, but since the place is in a well-known neighbourhood of Neukölln, it will take a little wait until you can enjoy it. But to compensate for the waiting time there is a NES so if you wanna play some Super Mario Bros. 3 – go for it! You will not get a quick burger-to-go here but a burger artwork for all your senses.


Tommi's Burger Joint

Invalidenstraße 160, 10115 Berlin (Mitte)
U Rosenthaler Platz: U8 oder U-Bhf Naturkundemuseum: U6 oder S Nordbahnhof: S1/S2/S25

The complete opposite is located in a triangle between Rosenthaler Platz, the Museum of Natural Science and Bernauer Straße. Handmade burgers with organic Black Angus meat which you can get also from a food truck at Urban Spree occasionally. These simple burgers with home-baked buns, a decent piece of medium cooked meat, salad, tomato, onions and a plain sauce. If you want to you can get cheese and bacon too, of course. In addition you’ll find fried onions, pickles and a few more sauces at the counter to enhance your burger as you see fit. 
The burger originates from Iceland and might be a bit pricy, but there is no other burger place which offers this whole homemade experience. 


Burger de Ville

Kurfürstendamm 22,10719 Berlin (Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf)
U Kurfürstendamm: U1/U9 oder S+U Zoologischer Garten: S5/S7/S46/S75/U1/U2/U9

A year ago Burger de Ville sold their burgers from a food truck, too. It still exists by the way, and can be found at Charlie’s Beach, close to Checkpoint Charlie. It used to hang out near Zoologischer Garten / Kurfürstendamm which pretty close to the Neues Kranzler Eck where they’ve opened their first restaurant.

Burger de Ville might have a fixed location now but that doesn’t change the fine taste and lots of variety they offer. The burgers are made with spicy seasoned meat, they have great skin-on fries and even the mayonnaise is self-made, everything neatly arranged to satisfy your taste and visual senses. Speaking of variety, aside from the organic meat you also have the option to have burgers with chicken or halloumi. But if you really want to try something else have a burger with pulled pork meat. It doesn’t get any more tender than that.



Oberbaumstraße 8, 10997 Berlin (Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg)
U Schlesisches Tor: U1

Burgermeister is not trying to win any prices for the best looking location since they are currently residing in an old public toilet. But it definitely is charming and quite sought after; there will probably be a crowd of people both waiting and enjoying their burgers there. It is totally worth it! And in regard to the amount of people it is really amazing that you have to wait less than 10 minutes to get your burger. Burgermeister offers the perfect burger-to-go or just a quick lunch. Just look at the packaging.

This place defines street food and aside from the classic options you can choose from a lot of own creations like the „Meister aller Klassen“ (everything doubled) or the “Hausmeista” with fried mushrooms. Vegetarians might want to try the burger with tofu. Burgermeister has a certain street vibe, kinda greasy. A place in between Neukölln, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain where taste and character collide.

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