Urban Gardening – Gardens in the Big City
Virgile Virgile 07.Aug.2017

Urban Gardening – Gardens in the Big City

An herb garden on the windowsill, a tomato plant on the balcony – big city dwellers always know how to make their lives a little greener. Another green concept in Berlin is the so-called civic or neighbourhood garden.

Welcome to Urban Gardening!

Urban gardening is a collection of different projects in the same city that do more than just make things look nicer. The aim of these green spaces is to get people involved in planting and raising different kinds of edible and decorative plants, particularly those who don’t have their own gardens. Kids can try out their green thumbs and learn a lot about plants, but more importantly, the project creates social cohesion. Participants meet new people, work together and even make new friends.


Urban Gardening in Berlin-Kreuzberg

A major city like Berlin has many garden projects, all of which are very different. One example is Prinzessinnengarten at Moritzplatz.You can just sit here in the beer garden, drink a glass of wine and enjoy some delicious food, or you can also take a walk through the herb garden and get involved. The space was fallow and neglected for decades until volunteers cleared the rubbish away in 2009 and cut the first sod for the over 500 different types of vegetables and herbs growing here today on nearly 6,000 square metres.

More information at http://prinzessinnengarten.net/


Urban Gardening in Berlin-Neukölln

The organic gardens in Kreuzberg and Neuköllnare an opportunity for intercultural exchange supported by Türkisch-Deutsche Umweltzentrum Berlin (Turkish and German environment centre in Berlin). In cooperation with “Kinderbauernhof im Görlitzer Park e.V.” (children’s farm in Görlitzer Park), it developed the first garden for the integration of migrants in Wiener Strasse at Görlitzer Bahnhof U-Bahn station in 2008. Nearly a year later, the second garden was developed on the site of the former Kindl beer brewery in Werbellinstrasse in northern Neukölln on an area of around 700 square metres. In addition to integration, the project also focuses on community and responsibility, exchanging different gardening experiences between different cultures, meeting people and learning new languages.

More informations at http://umweltzentrum.tdz-berlin.de/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=115&Itemid=205&lang=de


Urban Gardening in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

The cleverly named Mauergarten , located at the very popular Mauerpark in the district of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, is home not only to plants but also bees, saved from extinction thanks to the dedicated work of beekeepers. After the first three years, Mauergarten was completely redesigned in October 2016 and reopened in spring 2017. It is an opportunity to contribute to a relatively new project and help set its course.

More informations at http://www.mauergarten.net/


Urban Gardening in Berlin-Wedding

A community garden that also has an intercultural background is located in the former working class neighbourhood of Wedding, which is becoming more and more popular. Himmelbeet is open from April to October and is not far from Leopoldplatz U-Bahn station at Ruheplatzstrasse for anyone wanting to participate in gardening and harvesting. The formerly abandoned site in Wedding has been cultivated since 2013 and has played a role in improving the social climate in the area.

More information at http://himmelbeet.de/

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