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Popup Station

Flexibility meets DesignPOPUP Station

Fashion Pop-up Lobby
Fashion Pop-up
Multilane Schienensystem
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SHELF - Hedwig Bollhagen Keramik 1
SHELF - Hedwig Bollhagen Keramik 2
SHELF & LOUNGE - Hedwig Bollhagen Keramik
SHOP - Hedwig Bollhagen Keramik & Vitra 1
SHOP - Hedwig Bollhagen Keramik & Vitra 2
SHOP - Vitra 1
SHOP - Vitra - Multilane Schiene
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STAGE - Hedwig Bollhagen 1
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Exhibition "Wiedererwachen" 1
Exhibition "Wiedererwachen" 2
Hochzeit | Wedding 1
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Popup Shop | Shared Spaces 1
Popup Shop | Shared Spaces 2
Popup Shop | Shared Spaces 3
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Presentation | Shared Spaces 1
Presentation | Shared Spaces 2
Reefuel Pop-up


in aletto Hotel Potsdamer Platz Luckenwalder Str. 12, 10963 Berlin

Die The Popup Station is an exhibition and sales space housed in the building for pop-up and outlet stores that merges with our hotel concept. The flexible multilane rails and shelving systems from Vitra’s ‘Visplay’ subbrand and the many digital signage options in the hotel make it easy to set up a store quickly and efficiently.

With the flexible shelving system, the set up of the store can be customised (CI branding) so that our customers can decide what they need: shelves, TV screens, clothing racks or even displays on the TVs in the rooms – anything is possible. We enjoy working together with our customers on concepts and are happy to advise them free of charge. Since the Popup Station is located in a hotel with international guests of different target groups with lengthy stays, our product is highly suitable for the exhibition of high-involvement products.

The convenient bus and underground transport connections and nearby car park also make the venue attractive for external visitors. The location also offers a certain exclusivity and stands out from mainstream shopping malls and high streets. With its premium amenities from Vitra and timeless design, our Popup Station provides the perfect environment to present your upscale products.

Micro fairs, in-house fairs, order fairs & events

The newly appointed aletto Hotel Potsdamer Platz brings a new, flexible trade fair concept to Berlin’s hotel market. With its strategic location right near the exhibition grounds and close to regional and long-distance transportation, aletto Hotel Potsdamer Platz was ideal for the unique hybrid concept since the beginning of the planning phase. The flexibility of the concept is especially appealing: our spacious rooms can be divided into smaller areas, offering our trade fair and event customers the possibility of organising events and in-house, micro and order fairs. Nothing was left out during the development. Flexible ‘Visplay Multilanes’ from the Vitra brand are easy to use and allow our trade fair customers to save time and money by having the shelves, cupboards or TV screens attached to rails on the ceilings. Large TV walls in the entrance area and 4K flat screens provide space for branding and enable CI-compliant customer journeys. The timeless design and premium amenities from brands such as Vitra and Artemide along with famous products from Starbucks create the perfect environment to present products of any kind. In combination with our overnight accommodations, aletto Hotel offers the ideal product for companies that want to give their customers and key partners a unique trade fair experience including an exciting stay in Berlin while attending an in-house fair. This has a multitude of benefits. With a captivating supporting programme for potential customers, companies that present their products here have no competition, since the entire building is at their disposal, if needed. The versatile areas give guests enough space to move about freely and converse, eat and drink. New developments can be presented during the day and discussed in more detail throughout the evening in a relaxed and sophisticated Italian atmosphere.