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Acucina Italiana

Our Italian gastronomy concept acucina Italiana

in aletto Hotel Potsdamer Platz Luckenwalder Str. 12, 10963 Berlin

Our current opening times: 

currently closed

Our hybrid concept acucina Italiana, bringing something new together with a perennial favourite. Our new key development is our speciality pizza ‘al Taglio’ – sold by weight alongside other Italian products. Our guests can put together a combination of different kinds of pizza and try them all. There are also great coffee specialties from We Proudly Serve Starbucks - from Americano, Flat White to Iced Caffè Mocha and Caramel Frappuccino.



The many attractive areas within the open hotel concept offer our guests a range of different locations where they can dine in a sophisticated atmosphere. The spacious terrace and adjoining garden are the ideal spot for enjoying a coffee.